Author(s): R. V. Khankari, S. M. Umale, A. S. Patil, T. R. Thanekar


DOI: 10.52711/2231-5659.2023.00010   

Address: R. V. Khankari, S. M. Umale, A. S. Patil, T. R. Thanekar
Prof. Ravindra Nikam College of Pharmacy, Gondur, Dhule.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 13,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2023

The human monkeypox is an emerging zoonotic orthopoxvirus with a clinical presentation similar to that of smallpox. It is difficult to differentiate monkeypox from other orthopedic infections, and laboratory diagnosis is the primary component of disease identification and monitoring. However, current diagnostics are time-consuming, and new tests are needed for rapid and precise diagnosis. Most cases have been reported in Central Africa; however, an increasing number of cases have been reported in Europe, the United States of America (USA), Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Although investigation of the current global outbreak is still ongoing, viral transmission seems to have occurred during crowded events in Spain and Belgium. New therapeutics and vaccines are being deployed for the treatment and prevention of monkeypox, and more research on the epidemiology, biology, and ecology of the virus in endemic areas is required to understand and prevent further global outbreaks.

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R. V. Khankari, S. M. Umale, A. S. Patil, T. R. Thanekar. A Review on Human Monkeypox Virus. Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2023; 13(1):56-2. doi: 10.52711/2231-5659.2023.00010

R. V. Khankari, S. M. Umale, A. S. Patil, T. R. Thanekar. A Review on Human Monkeypox Virus. Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2023; 13(1):56-2. doi: 10.52711/2231-5659.2023.00010   Available on:

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