Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2015

ISSN Print :  2231-5640

ISSN Online :  2231-5659


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Clinical Study of Virechana Karma and SarpgandhaghanaVati in the management of Uchcha-Rakta-Chapa (EHT)

Address:   Pravin Kumar Rai1*, Ajay Saxena2, Shikha Sharma3, Priyanka Pandey4, Ajay Meena5, Anupam Srivatava5, Kiran Srivastava6
1Lecturer, Dept. of Panchakarma, J.D. Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Bhankari, Aligarh (U.P.) 2Consultant, Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi
3Lecturer, Dept. of Prasooti Tantra and Stree Rog, J.D. Ay. Medical College and Hospital, Bhankari, Aligarh (U.P.)
4Medical Officer, CGHS Wellness Centre, Devnagar, New Delhi
5Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi
6MD (Dravyaguna), New Delhi
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/2231-5659.2015.00012.0

The 21th century is described as the age of anxiety and stress. The modern man is constantly facing symbolic stress. This stress and strain of day to day life affects one’s bodily organs through several psycho-physical mechanisms. The progress of medical science has helped us to conquer disease like plague, smallpox etc., but stress related diseases are rapidly increasing. Among the several psychosomatic diseases, the cardiovascular disorder like UchchaRakta Chapa (Hypertension) is quite significant. A series of 25 patients suffering from UchchaRakta Chapa vis-à-vis Essential Hypertension were randomly selected from O.P.D. and I.P.D. of Panchkarma P.G. Department, Rishikul Govt. Ayurvedic P.G. College and Hospital, Hardwar, Uttarakhand, for the purpose of clinical trials of present study. Observation and results were drawn on the basis of alteration in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, before and after treatment and gradation of general symptoms i.e. Shiroruka, Bhrama, Hridadravata, Shrama, Kampa etc. After full observation of therapies, it was found that no. of patient unchanged was 0, whereas, observed mild improvement was found in 2 patients (8 %), marked improvement in 13 patients (52 %) and excellent improvement was observed in 9 patients (36 %).
Uchcha Rakta Chapa, Hypertension, Virechana Karma, Sarpgandhaghana Vati.
Pravin Kumar Rai, Ajay Saxena, Shikha Sharma, Priyanka Pandey, Ajay Meena, Anupam Srivatava, Kiran Srivastava. Clinical Study of Virechana Karma and SarpgandhaghanaVati in the management of Uchcha-Rakta-Chapa (EHT). Asian J. Res. Pharm. Sci. 5(2): 2015; 73-75.
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